The Dangers of Abusing Pain Medication

When you take pain medication for a chronic condition, there are always some risks associated with overuse. Especially if you are using some form of opioid, like hydrocodone, morphine, or oxycodone, you should take care to avoid developing an addiction to the drug. However, if you do not abuse such a drug, and if you have no history of drug addiction, the risk of addiction is less than 1%.

In addition to addiction, you should also look out for something known as tolerance. In terms of medication, tolerance refers to when your system has become accustomed to the drug to the point that it ceases to have the desired effect, possibly failing to negate your pain.

To avoid developing addiction or tolerance, you’ll want to strictly adhere to the dosages prescribed by your physician, and consider alternatives to medication to more quickly relieve your pain. For a lot of injuries, regular massage from our Edmonds chiropractic clinic can be a valuable asset.