Common Causes of Neck Pain

Do you find yourself suffering from neck pain frequently? This is usually a manifestation of a strain or spasm in the muscles in or around the neck, or an inflammation in your joints. A massage from our chiropractic in Edmonds can go a long way to provide relief from neck pain. In order to make this relief last, try avoiding the following common causes for neck pain:

  • Leaning forward while using your computer, watching TV, or reading so that your head is tilting back on your neck.
  • Sleeping on a pillow that is either too thick or too flat, providing inadequate support for your head.
  • Sleeping face down, with your neck bent in an awkward position.
  • Resting your forehead on your arm, in a “thinker’s pose”, for an extended period of time.
  • Partaking of excessive exercise or work involving your upper body or arms.
  • Feeling stress.