Chiropractic Care Enjoys Favorable Reputation with Americans

Do you still not know what to think of chiropracty? If so, consider the testimony of the millions of Americans who have benefitted from this practice. According to a survey of adults from throughout the United States, most people see chiropractic care as highly beneficial.

Participants in the survey were asked to answer whether or not they agreed that chiropracty is an effective treatment for back and neck problems. 23% of the people surveyed stated that they strongly agreed, 38% said they agreed somewhat, 28% did not know, and a scant 11% said that they disagreed. Answers were similar when they were asked if they agreed that most chiropractors had a patient’s best interests in mind, with 30% reporting that they strongly agreed, 33% somewhat agreeing, 28% not knowing, and only 8% disagreeing. As only about half of American adults have visited a chiropractor in their lives, these numbers are highly favorable.

If you are still wondering whether or not chiropracty could be of aid to your back or neck problems, wonder no longer. Contact our chiropractic in Edmonds today.