Can Foot Orthotics Really Treat Back Pain?

In an effort to solve chronic back problems, some patients make use of orthotic footwear. This might seem like an odd practice to some; after all, how can you treat a condition in your back with a pair of shoes?

The first thing to realize is that the spine is linked to the health of every other part of the body, and the feet are no exception. If your feet are out of balance, with a single fallen arch or one arch that is too high, for example, your pelvis is not resting atop a stable surface. Since your spine is attached to the pelvis, this causes these fragile bones to be slightly crooked when you stand erect, weakening your back muscles and leaving you susceptible to pain and injuries. You are also probably putting excessive stress on one of your feet, giving you a higher risk of painful foot problems that can further aggravate your back pain.

If you are suffering from a chronic back problem, it is entirely possible that your feet are to blame. To find out if you can treat your back problems with corrective footwear, consult Nu Star’s Edmonds chiropractic clinic.