Back-Friendly Travel Tips

The holiday season is coming up, a time when many of us make long trips home to share a special time with their families. Unfortunately, long trips like this can often leave us feeling sore by the time we reach our destinations. If you want to avoid any back or neck pain during your winter vacation this year, considering the following tips:

  • Pack Light: Your luggage is probably one of your biggest problems. Even a rolling bag is going to need to be hoisted into overhead compartments, up stairs, or in and out of cars. If you can’t cut down on your load, pack your belongings into several small bags.
  • Get Up and Move: Your spine does not like to remain motionless for extended periods. Get up and stretch out at least every thirty minutes to restore blood flow to your core muscles. Even just ten seconds of standing and moving around can make a big difference.
  • Bring Back Support: Plane, train, and car seats often don’t give you the lumbar or neck support that you need. Try investing in a back support pillow and a neck pillow. If you don’t have either of these, try using an airplane pillow or even a rolled-up jacket.

If your best efforts don’t allow you to escape back pain this holiday season, you can rely on Nu Star Chiropractic in Edmonds.