Automotive Accidents and Back Pain

Automotive accidents represent one of the bigger sources for injuries to the back or neck. Even a minor, low-speed collision has the potential to result in whiplash, strains, or similar spinal injuries. Even if you don’t suffer an actual impact to your back, the sudden deceleration you experience during a collision can put great stress on the delicate tissues that hold your vertebrae together, particularly if your car is hit from the side by another vehicle.

One of the issues many people face following a car accident is that their back injury does not show symptoms until well after the fact. You may walk away feeling perfectly healthy, and only realize your back or neck injury some time later. This can point to soft tissue damage, which will take time to recover from.

Should you suffer from an automotive-related back injury, consider a consultation with our Edmonds chiropractic treatment. We can provide you with effective treatment, and advise you on the best way to achieve quick and comfortable recovery.